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Legal notice and instructions for use

In this space will be able to find all the relative information on the terms and legal conditions that define the relations between the users and the manager of this web. Like user, is important that know these terms before continuing your navigation.

This web fulfils rigorously with the Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of services of the society of the information and of e-commerce.

Data on the manager of this web

His social denomination is: Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran
His NIF/CIF: G25035288
His social domicile is in C/Santa Creu 52 (25598) Salardú
Information Hosting: Cyberneticos Hosting SL.


The present General Conditions regulate the use (including the mere access) of the integral web pages of the website of Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran included the contents and services put to disposal in them. All person that access to the web (?User?) It accepts to subject to the valid General Conditions in each moment of the portal.

The access and/or use of this website attributes to the one who realises it the condition of User, accepting, from this same moment, fully and without reservation any, the present Legal notice, as well as the particular conditions that, in his case, complement it, in relation with determinate services and contents of the website.

The User remains informed, and accepts, that the access to the present web does not suppose, in way any, the start of a commercial relation with Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran. Of this form, the user engages to use the website, his services and contents without contravening the valid legislation, the good faith and the public order. It remains forbidden the use of the web with illicit or harmful ends, or that, anyway, can cause damage or prevent the normal operation of the website. Concerning the contents of this site, forbids :

His reproduction, distribution or modification, total or partial, unless it have the
Permission of his legitimate headlines;
Any violation of the rights of the prestador or of the legitimate headlines;
His utilisation for commercial or advertising ends.
That personal information uses this web and as it uses
This web uses different systems of capture of personal information detailed in the Privacy policy. Always it requires the previous consent of the users to treat his personal data with the ends indicated.

The user has right to revoke his previous consent anytime.
Likewise, we inform that the information of our users is protected of agreement to our Privacy policy.

Anyway, Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran reserves the right to modify, anytime and without need of previous warning, the presentation and configuration of our web like the present legal notice.

Commitments and obligations of the users

The access and/or use of this website attributes to the one who realises it the condition of User, accepting, from this same moment, fully and without reservation any, the present Legal notice in relation with determinate services and contents of the website.

In the utilisation of our web, the User engages to not carrying out any behaviour that could damage the image, the interests and the rights of Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran or of third or that it could damage, disable or overload the same or that prevented, anyway, the normal utilisation of the web.

Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran adopts measured of security reasonably adapted to detect the existence of virus like the established by Wordfence. The service of monitory to be employee offers him the tranquility that the website is not infected.

Nevertheless, the User has to be conscious that the measures of security of the computer systems in Internet are not entirely reliable and that, therefore our web can not guarantee the nonexistence of virus or other elements that can produce alterations in the computer systems (software and hardware) of the User or in his electronic documents and files contained in the same.

Intellectual property rights and industrial
By means of these General Conditions does not yield any intellectual property right or industrial on our web neither on any of his integral elements, remaining on purpose forbidden to the User the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, put to disposal of the public, extraction, reuse, reenvío or the utilisation of any nature, by any half or procedure, of any one of them, save in the cases in that it was legally allowed or was authorised by the headline of the corresponding rights.

The user knows and accepts that the whole of the website, containing without exhaustive character the text, software, contents (including structure, selection, ordination and presentation of the same) photographies, audiovisual material and charts, is protected by marks, rights of author and other legitimate rights registered, in accordance with the international treaties in which Spain is part and other rights of property and laws of Spain.

In the case that an user or a third consider that it has produced a rape of his legitimate intellectual property rights by the introduction of a determinate content in the Web, will have to notify said circumstance Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran indicating:

Personal data of the interested title of the rights supposedly infringidos, or indicate the representation with which acts in case that the claim the present a third distinct of the interested.
Signal the contents protected by the intellectual property rights and his location in the Web, the accreditation of the distinguished intellectual property rights and statement expresses in which the interested holds responsible of the veracity of the informations facilitated in the notification.

External links

The pages of our web provide links to other own websites and contents that are property of third. The only object of the links is to provide to the User the possibility to access to said links and know them, although Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran does not offer neither commercialises by himself neither by means of third the information, contents and available services in the places linked, neither approves, supervises or controls in way any the contents and services and any material of any existent nature in the same. Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran does not hold responsible in no case of the results that can derive to the User by access to said links.

The User that propose establish any technical device of link from his website to the ours web will have to obtain the previous permission and written of Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran. The establishment of the link does not involve in no case the existence of relations between Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran and the owner of the place in which it establish the link, neither the acceptance or approval on our part of his contents or services.

Politics of Data protection and Responsible

Confidentiality of the treatment:
The interested that it facilitate to Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran data of personal character through this on-line platform or by other ro
ads (for example, social networks) remains informed that the treatment of his data is realised by:

Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran with CIF G25035288 and social domicile in C/Santa Creu 52 (25598) Salardú.

Purposes of the treatment of data:
In Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran the treatment of data realises with the following purposes, in function of the reason by which have facilitated them to us:

Contact with the remitente of the information, give answer to his application, request or query and manage the publication of queries and comments and do a back follow-up.
Manage, in his case, his request and carry out the provision hired by the user, his turnover and collection.
Manage and control the wallet of customers.
Manage, in his case, the participation of the user in the games, promotions, discounts, draws and available contests in the On-line Platform.
Manage, in his case, the process of register of the user in the On-line Platform.
Realise, in his case, the profile of user to offer him contained, products and services of a personalised way.
Value and manage, in his case, his curriculum vitae for processes of selection that adapt to his professional profile and carry out the necessary performances for the selection and contratació n of personnel.
Length of the treatment of data:
The data for the management of the relation with the user and/or customer and the turnover and collection of the services will be conserved during all the time in that the agreement was in force. Once finalised said relation, in his case, the data will be able to be conserved during the time demanded by the applicable legislation and until they prescribe the eventual derivative responsibilities of the agreement.

The data for the management of queries and applications will conserve during the necessary time to give answer to the same, with a time limit of a year.

The relative data to publications of comments on our products will keep during the force and advertising of the products or services to which do reference, except that express your wish that they are deleted anytime.

The data for the participation in games, contests, draws and promotions will conserve during the time that last the same, according to his specific bases, to manage his development and, afterwards, until they prescribe the possible derivative responsibilities of his realisation.

The data for the sending of commercial communications and preparation of commercial profiles of our products or services will be conserved indefinitely until, in his case, manifest us your will to suppress them.

The data of curriculum vitae for processes of selection will be conserved during three months.

Legitimación For the treatment of data:
The legal base for the treatment of your data of the previous purposes is the execution of the provision of the corresponding service.

The offer prospectiva of products and services to customers and users has like base the satisfaction of the business legitimate interest consistent in being able to offer to our customers the contracting of other products or services and achieve like this his loyalty. Said legitimate interest recognises by the applicable legal rule (General Regulation of Data protection), that allows on purpose the treatment of personal data on this legal base with ends of direct marketing.

Nevertheless, we remember you that have right to oponerte to this treatment of your data, being able to do it by any one of the means described in this Politics.

The base of the sending of commercial communications to users no customers is the consent that has requested , being able to be revoked anytime. The withdrawal of said consent will not affect in no case to the execution of the agreement, but the treatments of data with this end effected previously will not lose his legality by the fact that the consent have revoked .

The base for the treatment of the curriculum vitae is the consent that awards us the candidate when realising the sending of the same to participate in processes of selection.

Communication of data:
The data will be able to be communicated to the following entities:

To the financial entities through which articulate the management of collections and payments.
To the competent public Administrations, in the planned cases in the Law and for the ends in her clear-cut.

All person that facilitate us his data has the following rights:

Any person has right to obtain confirmation on if we are treating personal data that concern him. The people interested have right to access to his personal data, as well as to request the rectification of the inaccurate data or, in his case, request his supresión when, among others reasons, the data no longer are necessary for the ends for which were collected.
In the planned conditions in the General Regulation of Data protection, the interested will be able to request the limitation of the treatment of his data or his portability, in whose case only will conserve them for the exercise or the defence of claims.
In determinate circumstances and by reasons related with his particular situation, the interested will be able to oponerse to the treatment of his data. If you have awarded the consent for some specific purpose, have right to withdraw it anytime, without that this affect to the legality of the treatment based in the previous consent to his withdrawal. In these suppositions will leave to treat the data or, in his case, will leave to do it for this purpose in concrete, save by legitimate reasons imperiosos or the exercise or the defence of possible claims.
All the rights mentioned can exert through the means of contact that appear in the section ?Manager of the treatment? Of this Privacy policy.

Data of third:
If you facilitate data of third, assume the responsibility to inform them previously of all the foreseen in the article 14 of the General Regulation of Data protection in the conditions established in said precept.

Veracity of the data:
The User guarantees that the personal data facilitated through the form are truthful, remaining forced to communicate any modification of the same. Equally, the User guarantees that all the information facilitated corresponds with his real situation, that is put to the day and is exact. Besides the User forces to keep at all times his up to date data, being the only responsible of the inexactitud or falsity of the data facilitated and of the damages that can cause thus to Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran like titling of the website , or to third with reason of the utilisation of said.

Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

The Prestador does not award any guarantee neither does responsible, in no case, of the damages and damages of any nature that could bring cause of:

The fault of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the web or of his services and contents;
The existence of virus, wanton or harmful programs in the contents;
The illicit use, negligente, fraudulent or contrary to this Legal notice;
The fault of legality, quality, reliability, utility and availability of the services loaned by third and places to disposal of the users in the website.
The prestador does not do manager on no account of the damages that could dimanar of the illegal or undue use of the present web page.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

With general character the relations between Escuela de esquí del Valle de Aran with the Users of his telematic services, presents in this website, find subjected to the legislation and Spanish jurisdiction and to the determinate courts by said legislation.


In case that any User had some doubt about these legal Conditions or any comment on our web, please head to or through the section of contact.

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