Weather is a very important factor in skiing. Skiing is a winter and mountain sport, in which snow is an essential factor, for all these reasons the weather influences so much.

Before going to the slopes, to program your holidays in the snow or to schedule your ski course in Baqueira Beret, there is something we all do and it is to consult what time will accompany us.

It is not easy for our free time to be in accordance with the sun and snow, so sometimes we can touch some climatic conditions, which, we have to take in the best way possible, to enjoy our ski days.

Skiing with sun and snow dust, is the ideal or idealized vision that we all manufacture in our imagination, but if not, we can also enjoy our skiing day.

If the forecasts say that we go to our ski course in Baqueira Beret with sun and good temperature, congratulations!, The day is idyllic.

But with excessive sun exposure, we must take into account the injuries that the sun can cause on our skin and eyes.

Protecting yourself with sunscreens, lipsticks and sunglasses is very important for days like that.

In addition you have to equip yourself with clothes that perspire not to sweat too much. It may be that on the label of your jacket you see a figure accompanied by g / m² … this is its degree of perspiration, which is measured in grams of steam expelled in 1 square m² of material for a day.

If at high temperature, we add moisture, we have to equip ourselves with a last waterproof layer, which is measured in columns of water (it is the pressure exerted by the liquid on the fabric before transferring it), surely you have seen it in the label of your jacket.

With the humidity and high temperatures, the last layer of snow tends to melt a bit and could cause unexpected braking and stumbling, so we have to be careful.

If we are consulting the forecast before climbing to Baqueira and the result is cold and low temperatures, it will be necessary to equip ourselves with another layer of thermal clothing, in addition to having good gloves, hat and socks.

Going to a cafeteria stop to have a client drink will make the day more bearable.

Let’s not forget, that with the cold it is very possible to find ice sheets, so you have to repair carefully to avoid falls and injuries.

At present there are countless materials and accessories that help us to equip ourselves according to the weather, you just have to be well informed to know what we will need in each circumstance and that bad weather does not catch us off guard.